may 10, 2020 the army prisoners of the only female Moscow prison filled up the girl weighing 3.5 kg and an increase of 50 cm She was born one of the most unusual inmates – a native Cuban capital of Havana. Its very appearance in the world – almost a miracle, because the mother got pregnant in prison and wanted to do behind bars abortion. To dissuade the foreigner, not knowing a word of Russian, was, to put it mildly, not easy. And when the child was born, we named her Anna, in honor of one of the employees of the FSIN.

Alejo Avila Estefani 24 years. Together with her mother and two children, she came from Cuba.

the Story is. On liberty Island mom Alejo sold old house to buy new. While waiting for the renewal, the family struck out from the grocery and medical cards, which only sell foods and drugs. The map assigned to the house. No house, no card. Went into the Ministry, but gave the milk for the children. While adults like?

In school they passed Marxism-Leninism, and she remembered that there is such a country that fought bravely for freedom, for a better life. This country is Russia. “We decided to go there, where the beautiful people built the city of the Sun – Moscow”. With the money from the sale of the house bought the tickets, hoping in Moscow to earn money to return and purchase a new home.

Mom Alejo with good education, worked in a Moscow clinic, designed for foreigners. The daughter also tried to get somewhere, but not developed: arrested on charges of article 158 of the criminal code “theft”. Not a very terrible crime committed by the girl with Cuba, though blameworthy. According to the prosecution, in the stolen bag (she says she found it) found the credit card after which, quote, “made this card payment products in the stores.” Products needed her family for sustenance. The total damage is 13 thousand rubles. Maybe wouldn’t take her into custody, be she a Russian woman. But she’s Cuban. Therefore, may abscond from the investigation authorities. So usually motivated by the choice of a measure of restraint in form of detention.

Tiny, tiny, like a statue, a dark girl-Kubinka was placed in coronamento camera Moscow SIZO-6 in September 2019. The trouble is that she did not speak Russian. And no language other than Spanish, did not understand. And neither one of forty women in her cell did not speak Spanish.

– Alejo was not feeling well, showed it with gestures, – remember employees. – Cellmate raised the alarm after a morning inspection. The girl was taken to the infirmary, she had help. There, in the infirmary, and it turned out that the woman is pregnant. And gestures, she announced her intention to get rid of the baby.

If we correctly understood, the unborn child was the fruit not of love, but rather violence (inmaybe she was raped). Communication between administration staff and doctors with families the investigative and detainees, even on urgent issues, not encouraged. However, in this case it was decided to make an exception: health suffering from diabetes of the young woman left much to be desired. Moreover, it was a task – to save the life of the unborn baby. The staff got on the phone with my mom. That’s nothing in an unknown tongue is not understood. The conversation did not take place.

Then the son of one of the employees UFSIN, a student of the law Institute, I contacted the mother of foreigner using Google translate. And after overcoming the difficulties of translation, I came to the conclusion that the mother, despite the fact that starving in Russia with young children, Alejo pleads to keep the baby. Simple question – what she wants Alejo?

It was also not easy. Who will act as a Spanish interpreter? The administration is strained and is still found among the prisoners a specialist. A young Russian prisoner was fluent in several languages, among them Spanish. Meeting Cuban women and the translator took place in the area of “water truce”, in the infirmary. Waiting for an appointment, they had time to talk.

Then, in October of 2019, the translator transferred to the employees of SIZO-6 Alejo, which sounded her pain, doubt, despair. And she wrote letters to mother Alejo, and the law student Serezha then sent them to a voice message for Votsap. They begin permanent: “Ola, Judy!” (that’s the mother of our heroine). The woman in reply, begged to keep the child, cried! And Alejo agreed.

by the Way, has already been released from prison translator once dialed a number UFSIN in Moscow: “I Understand that I will not take you to work. But I would like to help. You don’t know how to do it?”.

But back to Alejo. The girl, as it turned out, suffered from diabetes and a number of other diseases. The doctors were worried: will it be possible to keep the child? Honor and praise: failed! May 10, 2020 Alejo gave birth to a daughter.

In the midst was a pandemic, volunteers brought food and everything you need at the address specified in the application for hot line one of the funds. The recipient was the same Judy, mom Alejo. She said that the daughter held in jail. Acquainted with Judy and her hungry grandchildren, who learns about arrested daughter, the volunteers turned to the defenders. The previously forgotten world Alejo in the end, there are now two wonderful lawyer and philanthropists willing to help her and the newborn baby.

Alejo, is still detained in SIZO-6 in Moscow. Volunteers this week tried to give her and the baby diapers and warm clothes: they say the cells are cold. But it did not work, only in vain pass laminated – pandemic, karantin, transfer is not accepted. Maybe make an exception? And maybe a Russian court will not be so strict and appoint, as I hope the lawyers, the punishment is stayed?