Scientists suggest that all the matter in the particle concentration of the protein ACE2, which men much more than women.

PARIS, may 12. /TASS/. Scientists have suggested that men develop coronavirus infection more often than women due in their blood much more ACE2 protein that helps the virus to infect healthy cells. The results of the study, which involved nearly 4 million people, the scientists published in the European Heart Journal.

Almost from the first days after the beginning of the epidemic coronavirus infection, doctors began to notice that the disease is much more frequently infects and kills men than women.

Biologists were initially attributed this to the fact that the lung cells in men molecules of ACE2 receptor, which the virus uses to infect significantly more than in the same cells in women. Subsequently, the opinions of experts were divided, though most physicians continued to believe that men are more prone to this disease.

a new study, which was led by Professor of cardiology of the University of Groningen Adrian Voors, gave more evidence the supporters of this hypothesis. The scientists measured the concentration of molecules of ACE2 in blood of over 2 thousand patients from 11 European countries. The analysis confirmed that men much more than women. Similar results gave a check for about 1.7 million people.

in addition, experts have found that the concentration of ACE2 in blood some of the participants in the study were lower. They all took drugs for heart failure — for example, drugs blocking ACE.