the mortality rate from coronavirus COVID-19 in Russia may exceed the official data by 70%, according to the newspaper Financial Times (FT), citing its own calculations. Officially on 12 may, the country confirmed 2116 deaths, the total number of infected exceeds thousand 221,3

Reporters noted that the number of deaths in Moscow, and St. Petersburg in April 2073 for more than the average for the last five years. Officially from COVID-19 in these cities for a month died in 629 persons.

If you add this to the mortality rates across the country according to the may 11, (2009), the number of deaths will increase by 72%.

Note that according to the authorities all the time in Moscow, died in 1124, the person in St. Petersburg — 56. In the cities identified more than 121,3 thousand and 8 thousand infected, respectively.

Recall that on 11 may the President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced the completion of a non-working period. However, governors will be able to make decisions about the addition, mitigation or preservation restrictions in their regions. In Moscow, where most infected, quarantine measures will be in effect until may 31. Limits are for people over 65, will also continue to operate a ban on public events.