The treatment of Russians from the coronavirus is too expensive: a private clinic in Moscow suffer losses. About this newspaper “Vedomosti”. Treatment of patients with COVID-19 in the capital region and are mainly engaged in government clinics. From private centres, such services can only provide “meds”, “Medinvestproekt” (hospital on the street of Academician Pavlova and”K+31″), and the hospital “Lapino”.

Director of business operations and marketing of the group’s Alla Kanunnikov said that treatment costs are not covered. According to her, each received the mandatory health insurance (MHI) person of the group receives about 200 thousand roubles from the Moscow authorities and a little less from the authorities of the Moscow region. While the cost of stay per person in intensive care with consideration of patient care can reach up to one million rubles.

In “meds” for the MLA are treated to 40 percent of patients with coronavirus, the rest are on the program of voluntary medical insurance (VMI) or for money. On average, one day in intensive care costs about 28 thousand rubles, and a two-week stay in a clinic can cost up to 700 thousand rubles. For admission to hospital in Lapino need a Deposit of 400 thousand rubles. An overnight stay in a single ward cost 75 thousand rubles, and the hours of connection to a ventilator — 4,8 thousand roubles. The sources noted that despite the high cost, the demand for services remains high.

As of Monday, may 18, in the country identified 8926 new cases COVID-19. The total number of infected people in Russia exceeded 290 thousand.