Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova is an alcoholic. About the presenter Dana Borisova said on air of the TV channel NTV.

Yesterday, as reported by “the Rambler”, Borisov became one of the heroines of the new edition of the show “You wouldn’t believe!”. In the course of it she stated that Volochkova long ago cut their honor and dignity.

“She’s an alcoholic, addict,” — says TV presenter.

She called face dancers all the time red and swollen, announced the availability of the bags under the eyes and described the reason that the abuse of alcohol.

According to Borisova, Volochkova constantly drinks to set the mood, but never recognizes this problem, and will continue to lie that drinking a glass of wine a week.

TV presenter admitted that in a short time the ballerina can, for example, to go drunk in a sauna, to burn there’s a twig and gasp. In this regard, she expressed confidence that Volochkova should take a decision soon.

“There is a good center on Koh Samui. Take it for free,” added Borisov also expressed readiness to sue a dancer for his words.