The Director of Big Moscow State circus Edgard Zapashny told about the Deserved artist of Russia, famous trainer who has to work as a busboy in a period of quarantine.

He posted on instagram a photo of Sergei Nesterov wrote in the microblog:

“Sergey Nesterov – Honored artist of Russia, in January, he represented Russia at the International circus festival in Monte Carlo and won there one of the main prizes,and some years before he won the world circus festival Idol.
Now, the whole day, he keeps his tigers, and from 18.00 to 23.00 he works as a deliveryman of food.”

Zapashny said that many circus artists, theater and film took a lowly job. They work as longshoremen, welders, drivers, to feed their families.

“And please note that these people do not complain in their social networks, do not write that the country is not such that they all have. They just go and work”, – says the Director of the circus.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, according to zapashnogo, the country has a lot of ordinary artists, actors of theatres and staff of the DC, which in former times made much money.

And after entering the restrictions, cancellations of events and the spread of the pandemic and all lost their livelihood.

Publish from Edgard Zapashny?? ( 30 May 2020 5:27 PDT