Anastasia Volochkova often talks about his mysterious admirer, and even announced the date of the upcoming wedding.

However, this hiding from the camera of a stranger nobody has ever seen.

Journalist Otar Kushanashvili has suggested that it is not seen itself Volochkova, because this character is fictional.

“have You seen him? Filmed in the rain from Thursday to Friday, in the profile some how! And this is the one secret of Anastasia? So is the loader, removed from the service entrance! Her new fiancé — it’s all theory. This kind of women don’t want to be seen alone, that invent 17 suitors in a week”, – quotes the journalist of the Express Newspaper.

Cusanelli believes that all these stories ballerina writes in order to attract the interest of the person and increase his own value in the eyes of the public.

According to “the Rambler”, a 4-year-old ballerina Anastasia Volochkova completely ceased to look after themselves in forced isolation.

At least that was the conclusion made many fans of the dancers drew attention to the fact that for four consecutive days Volochkova appears in the same clothes.