the Ukrainian boxer, the absolute world champion in the first heavyweight Oleksandr Usyk in Instagram posted a video in which he answered his fans on the scandal due to the fact that he was offered Russian citizenship. Athletic urged not to divide the people in Ukraine.

Mustache said to leave Ukraine is not going to, no one will expel him from his native country. He also urged fans not to divide the people in Ukraine.

“My country — Ukraine. I was born here and live. If I wanted to leave the country, then it would do it, but I don’t want to go anywhere. You and me out of here I will not drive. Because this is my country. It is not necessary to divide people. TV channels, do not pull statements out of context, not separate people. Do not separate the Ukrainian people. We — the Ukrainians. We are not Russians, we are not separatists. My passport says I am a Ukrainian”, — said the athlete.

in addition, only the owner of championship belts for all versions of the most prestigious among professional boxers of our time said that for him there is no distinction between “Bandera” and “Muscovites”, as all the inhabitants of the Ukrainian Ukrainians.