“in order to reduce the spread of coronavirus infection, the medical staff and social workers were isolated within social institutions along with the resident citizens. They will receive surcharge to the salary for each shift, held in quarantine,” – said the Minister of labour and social protection of the Russian Federation Anton Kotkov.

thus, the cost of one two-week shifts for doctors, representatives of social facilities will be 40 thousand rubles, but if they helped the citizens, infected with a coronavirus infection, the size of the payment increase to 60 thousand rubles per shift.

social Workers, teachers and nurses will receive an additional compensation of 25 thousand rubles per shift or 35 thousand rubles in case if they cared for the sick with the diagnosis COVID-19.

Junior medical staff is required in the amount of 15 thousand and 25 thousand rubles, and technical staff – 10 thousand or 15 thousand rubles, respectively.

on additional payments to social workers from the Federal budget will require 7.7 billion rubles.