In the apartment of one of the houses at the Ryazan Avenue in Moscow found the body of a pensioner with multiple injuries and bruises. According to preliminary information, the man died because of a conflict with a tenant, reports REN-TV.

the Suspect allegedly shot the dead man’s apartment and at some point failed to pay rent. Because of this, between him and the owner had a conflict. In the heat of quarrel the man grabbed a metal pipe and beaten to death a pensioner.

In fact the incident a criminal case, investigated all the circumstances of the crime. Tenant arrested.

In December, 2019 in the Blagoveshchensk court has sentenced to 6,5 years of prison and forced psychiatric treatment of a woman who beat friend with an axe during the conflict from-for apartments. As found by the investigators, a man and a woman are unable by peaceful means to determine who of them has the right to use the housing.