the House of the Potter in Sviyazhsk everyone knows. Yes, and the visitor immediately recognizes it – it is a sign there is a corresponding. He stands near the river station.

In the courtyard we were greeted by a motley group of Pets Evgenia Ivanova: German shepherd proud, two mutts – Toshka and Tishka cat Gosha and kite Shary. Another cat, Boris, had gone missing somewhere along your cat’s Affairs. However, animals later.

the Owner brought us from the heat in the cool shop, sat down behind the wheel and we started a conversation. He hails from Nizhny Novgorod, Tatarstan ass about ten years ago. And his craft was fascinated by pure chance.

– I then lived at the Bottom. Officially listed as a Miller in a munitions factory. And in General served as a contract employee, I took the story of the Potter. – Once my friend sent me from Austria Ocarina, found during excavations. This is such a clay tool, you might say, the ancestor of the flute. Want, tells you to do the same.

I started to search the potters, and then was not enough, only five of the whole Nizhny Novgorod. Four sent me, they didn’t even understand what I apiece this show. And with the fifth I had acted differently. It was nothing to ask him, became friends and suggested, saying, come I will help you. A year and a half I had worked for free as a journeyman. And then he said you ring-then don’t sit down? Another six months spent behind a circle and made his first Ocarina. And then I sucked, and I organized their own workshop.

after some time the master was invited to Kazan to teach the craft. Initially went there on the weekends on the train with his student and future wife Marina. Until, finally, it is not proposed to create a workshop in Kazan.

– Then I was invited to teach at the technical College of folk crafts. But I didn’t expect that many papers will have to write plans and reports. Ask you need a Potter or the clerk? Well, and went from there. And at the same time started the project of revival of Bolgar and Sviyazhsk. First the Bulgarians went with my wife, the house is looked after in the village nearby. But I’m more here liked: close to Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod, where I have parents.

And the state adviser of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev was looking for artists. So I decided, even though in fact it was a gamble. Kazan-it is easier, they have an apartment there, and I have nothing here. Was given a Studio in the complex “Horse yard”, to lease the equipment you need. A housing, said look for yourself. And so for three years I lived right in the Studio, slept behind the stove on a folding bed (laughs). And then to the stables moved.

In 2013, Yevgeny Ivanov was finally able to buy abandoned land, where he built a House of the Potter, which is unthinkable to the press.

For a half-hour conversation in the hands of a master like magic, from a piece of clay arises a pitcher. But he still is processed. And manufactures, Potter, you can admire here in the shop. On the shelves are hundreds of various pots, jugs and earthenware, copies of stove tiles found during archaeological excavations in Sviyazhsk.

There is also mentioned ocarinas, and other exotic musical instruments. Impressive 2-3-inch-tall miniature dishes, it’s hard to believe and it made a huge Potter’s wheel. Eugene Ivanov shows a tiny shot of a fly. Of these taverns could be free to try strong alcoholic drinks.

– And the little product that I have is trichromacy kettle, – says Gonchar. – Absolutely complete, it can even have water to drip. And to him a Cup, and sugar bowl. I once read that a famous Chinese Keramist made kettle weighing nine grams and entered the Guinness Book of records. I think we should try. And I got even less. Contacted the local office of the Guinness Book of records. And they said, pay, say, 40 thousand rubles, and we to you experts can send you to confirm. No thanks.

for a Long time stood in the shop, the kettle, people strove to buy for a hundred rubles, says the master. Think small means cheap. And to make tiny dishes very hard. But in the end the masterpiece finally found its buyer.

In pottery, according to Yevgeny Ivanov, the most important thing is patience and stable mind. Sometimes, when the order is urgent, had to work without sleep for two days in a row.

Through the wizard passed a huge number of students, a total of about 800. And now he is also a teacher. Basically to master the art of pottery are seeking girls and wanted to go guys, he sighs.

Yevgeny Ivanov not only Golden hands, but a big heart. Lived for many years in workshops, in pretty austere conditions, he could not pass by homeless animals. From Nizhny Novgorod to Kazan, the master moved with a cat a response. Here he started the first dog took the animal thrown Toshka. In Kazan, picked up the stray cat Boris. In Sviyazhsk sheltered trichloro dog Tishka. His mistress, the grandmother, moved to town and left his dog.

– it is now already 20 years. When picked up, thought to let die. So it seems I’ll die before laughs Potter.

Then the watchers brought the kite Shary. He is a fledgling, fallen bird out of the nest and broke a wing. Usually in the nature of such die. To fly he was not destined. Eugene Ivanov jokingly calls him the “evil chicken”. Feeds meat, fish, frogs and mice.

And finally, two years ago could not resist and took at a friend’s German shepherd puppy Gordei to relieve the company of the homeless.

the Most entertaining character of the company cat, Boris. He was mn��th of funny stories. Boris loves to walk at the river station. He was known by all sailors and captains of the setting here.

courts. One day the cat slipped on the ship and went to it to Moscow.

We, of course, lost, worried, – says Gonchar. – Call the captain. And directly from the RAID were taken to the Sviyazhsk on the boat.

Potter shows me the clay club, where printed cat’s paw. Such unusual Souvenirs he has a lot. This borucki.

– Sometimes, something will make the circle leave. Come back, and there are already traces of Boris, says Evgeniy Ivanov. – I scolded him and decided to wean once and for all from this. Took legs and began to dip into the clay, and he has since stopped.

But in the range Gonchar appeared borucki. So the cat has left a trace in his work.