The state Duma at the meeting, adopted in the third final reading of a government law allowing students to teach in schools and to conduct children’s clubs and electives.

“to Conduct lessons for students enrolled in the teaching professions, beginning with the fourth year, successfully passed mid-term evaluations. To work in groups and sections will be after the second year of any University. Importantly, the provisioning profile matched the theme of the elective. For example, engineering students will lead a robotics course. For them it will be an opportunity to try themselves in the profession”, – said the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

According to him, the decision will partly help to fill the personnel shortage, including temporary.

“In schools, especially in rural areas, teachers do not have enough in the first place, of subject – foreign languages and Informatics. And there are times when in the middle of the year the teacher retires or goes on maternity leave. To find a replacement in this period is difficult, and to leave the classroom without a teacher is impossible. It is important that the conditions of admission of students to teaching, which the government initially proposed to define in regulation, now fixed norms of direct action,” he said.