Russian actor Vladimir Sychev told in “the Destiny of man” about the arrest for double murder. A recording of the program posted on the YouTube channel “Russia 1”.

According to the actor, once unknown broke window of car and stole from salon documents. Six months later, the star of the film “Boomer,” was arrested. It turned out that someone used his identity when death knocked down two persons.

Sychev managed to escape prison, as there was a witness of the accident, explaining that the actor does not fit the description of the offender. He turned out to be taller.

Later brought down the pedestrian the man, as told Sychev managed to find, but he was able to negotiate and to avoid punishment.

“the Investigator who handled the case, resigned. The investigation took up the woman, not present at my arrest. It was beneficial to getting all the red tape,” shared the actor.

in the Spring of 2019 Sychev published congratulations on the 69th anniversary for artistic Director of “jumble” Boris Grachevsky, which I forgot to erase the sites offering sexual services. Later, the actor deleted the picture from his account. Noticed that members jokingly started asking to return the photo, but the artist decided to delete such comments.

Vladimir Sychov of the Russian actor of film and television. As a teenager he appeared in a newsreel “jumble” and later became popular with the role in the TV series “the Teacher”. He also appeared in the show “Paras”, “the Law of the stone jungle” and “Isaev” and the films “Mother”, “Lyubka” and “soulless”.