the plans of the company scale – to conduct eight tournaments throughout the year. However, the organization of the debut championship was a definite challenge for objective reasons. In the original intent of the promotion was the tournament in Moscow, but in connection with the restrictions due to pandemic coronavirus, this proved impossible. However, as recognized in the company, the transfer of competitions in Minsk, too, would be an impossible task if not for the assistance of the state Secretary of the Union state Grigory Rapota.

“I would Like to Express my sincere gratitude to the Secretary of state of the Union state Grigory A. Rapota – said the President of the League “Leon Varriors” Anatoly Sulanov. Without his help, without his interaction with the Chairman of the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Tatyana Alekseyevna Golikova, Oleg Vasilyevich Matytsin by the sports Minister, this contest could not take place. It was a surprise how well and quickly it helped us solve the problem. He received us with great respect what we do, to the fact that in such difficult times, we are trying to develop the sport, hold tournaments, to encourage people to exercise. Without his help, our question was almost unsolvable. And so, all administrative hurdles have been overcome quite quickly.”

Athletes went to Minsk by bus may 29. According to Sultanova, the organization of the tournament was all that it took place in conditions of maximum security.

“This championship we agreed with the leaders of Belarus, with the head physician of Minsk. In General, the transfer of the tournament from a technical point of view, from the point of view of logistics – this is our normal, standard operation. We nothing supernatural for himself in not seeing. Yes, there were some technical difficulties. We had fulfilled the requirements of all quarantine corridors. All three athletes were tested for coronavirus. We leave strictly quarantine the corridor to the isolated bus to the border of Belarus. From the border in quarantine mode, we move to the hotel. In the same mode, from the hotel we move in for the filming. It will be held in the format without an audience, but will be shown on “Match TV”. At the end of the tournament, our athletes leave the territory of Belarus in the same quarantine mode. And upon arrival to Russia all of them will be on quarantine in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of our country.”

Video stream of the tournament will start on 30 may at 19:55 Moscow time on the channel “Match! Fighter” and at 21:30 on TV channel “Match TV”.