Photos of 67-year-old Russian theater and film actress Tatiana Kravchenko in a wheelchair appeared on social networks. But do not worry – the star of the TV series “Matchmakers” is captured during one of the scenes of the play “Grooms”, which is played in the recreation center “eNergomash” in Belgorod.

The play is about universal human problems, shown on a cross-section of family problems. Parents (Tatiana Kravchenko and Alexander Pankratov-Cherny) will find out that their daughter is expecting a child. At the same time, there is no future husband on the horizon. Loving father and mother are trying to arrange the family happiness of their daughter. However, this task is practically unsolvable.

The audience remembered Tatiana Kravchenko in the role of Valyukha Budko in the comedy series “Matchmakers”. In November, the seventh (and last) part of “Lights”, which was filmed this summer in Georgia, will be shown on the screen. After that, the series will end.


Tatiana Kravchenko’s personal life did not work out, unlike her career. The actress was married twice, but both marriages were short-lived. The first spouse of the actress was the production designer Vladimir Lavinsky. This relationship lasted only 2 years.

For the second time, Tatiana married the Lenfilm producer Dmitry Gerbachevsky. This marriage lasted 6 years. In 1986, the actress gave her husband a daughter Anna, but even a common child could not save the couple from quarrels and divorce. The actress never married again.