Vladimir Putin

on the Eve of day of voting on amendments to the Constitution the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has addressed to citizens. A video message was broadcast policy of Rzhevsky district of Tver region, where the opening of the memorial to Soviet soldiers. In the background, and was recorded the President’s speech. Rzhevskiy the soldier is a bronze sculpture with a height of 25 meters, but the scene when the recording was arranged so that Vladimir Putin looked much above the monument. Twitter users reacted to the video with irony and distrust.

Vladimir Putin

Some of them noticed a greenish glow around the President and suggested that the shooting was made on the background of chromakeying.

an Appeal from greenscreen

Some Internet users have compared the President with Volan de mort of “Harry Potter”.

our country, our Constitution, our solution

Photo from Twitter

Arose and Parallels with the anime “Evangelion”.

the new end of Evangelion weird

Fancy on a given topic went further and remembered the film “blade Runner” (Blade Runner) Ridley Scott.

Photo from Twitter

I Remembered the long-forgotten “Teletubbies”.

that’s better, I think…

One of the Twitter users urged to draw inspiration from “Rick and Morty” (Rick and Morty).

a Fresh appeal to the Russians

Not without a hint of news of recent days about the vote.

Putin: I voted for the amendment five times. You suggest