Implementation of the Protocol in the NHL for the resumption of the season was under threat due to test results has resumed or will resume training hockey players for the coronavirus. Were positive tests two and a half dozen of them. Sources do not rule out that at least the date of the opening of training camps is a key phase of the Protocol can now be moved.The NHL released the results of testing the 250 players participating in the second stage of the program will resume interrupted in March by a coronavirus pandemic season. This stage — the so-called voluntary training with a large number of constraints. The results were quite unpleasant. COVID-19 were detected in 15 players is about 6% of the total number tested. All athletes with COVID-19, and in total they will last for a full bid for the team, as the statement says, are in isolation.The League itself has not commented on these figures. But many North American resources, such as TSN and ESPN, I believe that the test results can have quite serious consequences. For example, ESPN, Recalling that the recent outbreak of coronavirus was recorded at the club “Tampa Bay lightning” (it got infected with three players and several staff members of the office and training base “Tampa” had to close for five days), argues that they can be at least three days — from 10 to July 13 — moved the timing of the start of the third stage of the program of renewal.We are talking about key stage training camps, which will be required to arrive at the claimed teams players. After their completion, in fact, will be a restart.Its date, unlike the NBA, has declared that comes back July 31, the NHL is still not called. Known only to the format that will be the end of the season. The regular season, interrupted at the stage finish, the League decided not to finish, just going to the play-off. It will perform 24 teams.Alex Dosenovic pandemic coronavirus change the face of sports to further tranliterate