If the new swine flu, which was recently discovered by Chinese scientists, will spread, no need to panic, but it is worth to prepare for it in advance, said the newspaper VIEW head of the Department of Microbiology, Virology and immunology, First Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov, academician Vitaly Zverev.

Chinese scientists have discovered a new strain of swine flu. Some fear that this virus could cause another pandemic, similar to the coronavirus.

“As always, viruses are worth waiting for, of course, to the South-East Asia. Usually there are all of these epidemics. With the agricultural parts of China, usually there are new options appear. Just the flu virus affects not only people but also birds, livestock, so of course, there is the likelihood of its rapid spread,” says Zverev.

There is however a virologist, stressed that if a flu virus will spread, don’t panic, but you need to prepare for it in advance.

“This is the first publication about the new swine flu, so we don’t know what they found. But I think the world health organization has had to respond to it because the vaccine already have to do. I even think that it is already doing. And it is at existing current strains,” – said Zverev.

Scientists have discovered a new dangerous strain of swine flu

In late may, the practitioner, the chief of Department of Volyn hospital of the presidential administration, Andrey Nagovitsin told about the main differences between coronavirus infections from swine flu.