the girls 7-year age difference, different religions, family and country, but they are exact copies of each other.

18-year-old singer from the Romanian city of Buzau named Bianca Mihai found out that she has a double through the social networks. Her friend Alexander DanCo stumbled in Instagram on 25-year-old Palestinian model Lana al-bake-o, who now lives in Dubai, UAE.

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Alexander admitted that he could not believe his eyes — a totally unknown girl from another country was an exact replica of her friend. Pictures of Lana Alexander showed Bianca, who decided to meet his other. The girls began to chat in social networks. It turned out that they have many common interests, but to explain his incredible resemblance logically they could not.

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Bianca and Lana showed their pictures to the parents, and even they are unable to distinguish them. In the end, the girls decided to meet in person and a Romanian singer, along with his girlfriend came to model in Dubai. They spent a few days together and staged a joint photo shoot on the beach. Lana now plans to come to the “twin sister” in Romania, writes The Sun.

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