“Theatre business”, which was previously pulled Chinese torture is now an urgent chase to the finale. It has to end before the vote on the amendments to the Constitution. Nothing should overshadow the results. There is a high probability that the sentences will make next week.

At the 50th session of the court the investigation is declared complete. Monday, June 22, has started debate of the parties the defense and the prosecution. Defendants recall four. Kirill Serebrennikov, Alex Malopolski, Yuri Itin, Sophia Apfelbaum. The case of the former accountant, “the Seventh Studio” Nina Massieu, which has agreed to a plea deal, all three years was a separate process and its own special course. And by the way, recently the court began to hear the case Massieu again. Whether the verdict or it will dissolve quietly, nobody knows.

Meanwhile, in the case of “the Seventh Studio” has passed the third examination. She assessed the damage the theft in the implementation of the project Serebrennikov 129 million Spent it with difficulty. The fact that the search began among those who did not know and did not see the performances of the “Platform”, and even better to Serebrennikov did not know in General, so to say “disinterested persons.” The required experts was the personnel Director of the Moscow art Theater (with the formation of an electrical engineer), and a theater critic from GITIS, which is headed by the father of Minister of culture. Sofia Apfelbaum, Director of Ramtha, who previously worked at the Ministry, reviewed the examination and found her in serious violations. But the court said that still trusts new expertise.

The unpleasant consequence is that more and more witnesses for the prosecution admit that they were forced to give certain testimony. Assistant Massieu claims that she was threatened with prison and violence on the result: “I was forced to say that is cashing out”. It turns out, for example, that in the course of confrontations Maslyaeva cooperating with the investigation, read the answers on paper. The defense tried to figure out where the materials of the case disappeared from the flash card with the information, but the court did not consider it necessary to shed some light on that.

Another interesting detail: it turned out that the matter of the government started earlier than the plaintiff, i.e. the Ministry of culture, learned that he was a “victim”. But there are no letters of professional community, no questions concerned the judge Oles Mendeleev, which already passes sentence accused on the case of the summer protests. And theatrical business verdict, no doubt.