Host of “Fashion verdict” on the First channel Alexander Vassiliev could have died, but the Council of teledoctor Elena Malysheva saved him.

Helen saved me. Sent for treatment, I said it all in Kommunarka. I there a cure, — quotes Agency Vasiliev Nation news.

Previously the fashion historian spoke about his stay in the hospital in Kommunarka. He showed pictures of his room. The presenter was admitted to the hospital with bilateral pneumonia. One of the tests for coronavirus was positive. Vasiliev was in the hospital in Kommunarka 10 days.

At the ceremony of the award “Calling” the man thanked the medics for their assistance. While leading, was treated in the Studio “Fashion sentence” had to substitute a colleague from the First channel Dmitry Dibrov and producer Valdis Pelsh. By the end of may fashion historian returned to filming along with co-host Nadezhda Babkina, who was also hospitalized with pneumonia.

Wrote Elena Malysheva said about the ability of vitamin D to help in the prevention of coronavirus. According to her, the lack of this vitamin in the body making it vulnerable to COVID-19. Vitamin D is needed for the initial meeting of the lymphocytes with coronavirus infection, said Dr. Phil.