Journalist and publicist Alexander Nevzorov believes that the main cause of the capture of Russians in Belarus is a writer Zakhar Prilepin. About Nevzorov said in the seventh edition of its author’s program “on the Spot”.

Earlier in conversation with URA.RU writer Zakhar Prilepin confirmed that among the detained Russians in Belarus there are those who served in his battalion, when he was in the Donbas. This recognition Nevzorov called stupidity, which framed the PMC soldiers.

“after Seeing the TV of the person captured by the fighters of the private military company, he [Prilepin] yelled across the country: “It is they, my friends-criminals from Donbass! Together we killed the Ukrainians!””, — said Nevzorov. In his opinion, his recognition of Prilepin once again wanted to remind you that he, like the detainees, “the real Debaser” — but he framed all. As noted Nevzorov, soldiers PMCs allegedly promised to track down the writer and make him bald with a large tattoo “very bad word ending in “Duke””.

In addition, Nevzorov said that the cause of the incident is the fact that the detainees PMCs soldiers in Belarus went to order and did everything as a team — so they became suspicious. “Then there would be arrests, an international incident and next of shame Lukashenko. The owner of the PMCs need to work with his contingent,” — said the publicist.

On the night of July 29 it became known about the detention of 32 people in the South of Belarus. The security service of the Republic said that all detainees are Russians, and belong to PMC “Wagner”. In the Kremlin do not understand on what grounds the Russians were detained and demanded an explanation. However, the Belarusian authorities believe that they were sent for rocking the situation in the country before the presidential election to be held on 9 August.