Writer-satirist Leonid Natapov said that the humorist Evgeny Petrosyan had problems in family relations. His wife Tatiana Brukhanova can’t get along with the only daughter of Petrosyan Quiz because of what he himself suffers.

According to Natapoff, now Petrosyan “not life, but a headache is” at work, he quarreled with his editor who has worked for them since 2007. In the family problems his wife and daughter he “ruffled nerves” by their quarrels. Quiz disliked Tatiana, but the wife of the comedian are not born sewn – was a woman with character. According to the satirist, the Quiz did not like that her father has issued “a lot” from the estate at Tatiana.

“So there is nothing to envy” – quoted Natapov KP.RU.

He admitted that I had not noticed Petrosian such frivolous generosity.

friends of the comedian also noted that his relationship with his daughter became more strained due to talk about the birth of the new heir. Colleagues Petrosyan assured that he remarried it was to get another heir.

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