the Founders of the movement for the rights of blacks Black Lives Matter (BLM, “black Lives matter”), Marxists, said Petrissa Cellars, one of the three men who stood at its origins. It turned out that she was saying it more in 2015, but interviews have regained popularity only now, according to The Texas Insider.

“we Have do something is ideological framework. Me and Alicia in particular — trained the organizers are Marxists. We are well versed in ideological theories,” said Callers, referring to the second of the three founders of the movement Alicia Garza.

the plain text does not refers to the commitment of its members to the teachings of Karl Marx: there are the requirements of racial and economic justice, equal access to education and medicine, as well as point of view, defending the rights of transgender people and other sexual minorities. There is postulated the rejection of the traditional Western family model and the need to divert money from police funding in support of black communities.

About the ideological foundations of the movement speaking after a recent performance Cellars, in which she stated that the purpose of the BLM — that the President of the United States Donald trump left his post as soon as possible, “right now”, not in November as a result of elections.

the name of the movement BLM is consonant with the main slogan of the protests that gripped dozens of American cities: their members are struggling with systematic oppression of black people in the US and police brutality. Protests, occasionally turning into riots and looting started after black George Floyd died during the arrest.