Work on the bill on free and compulsory registration of dogs, which over time should reduce the number of homeless animals on the streets, are in the state Duma, told RIA Novosti the author of the initiative, the Deputy head of the Duma faction "just Russia" Oleg Shein.

According to him, the planned changes to the Federal law "On responsible treatment of animals".

"we are Talking about a bill according to which owners of dogs free, of course, need to register them. We have plenty of discarded animals… It will be a mandatory check-in, otherwise pointless, otherwise, it will throw", – said Shein.

The Deputy noted that we are now catching and sterilization of stray dogs at the expense of the state. In the world there is a widespread system of fines for owners dumping animals on the street, which is not possible without mandatory registration of Pets.

"If the person or construction company that has dogs running around somewhere on the site, registration is not carried out, and the dog then turned on the street, it should be fine, because we the number of homeless animals in the country, obviously, will not reduce" – said the MP.

Mandatory registration propose to introduce only for dogs, cats and other Pets she will not touch, said Shein. He noted that the issue of registration procedure is still under discussion.

Fines will be determined by a separate bill, amending the Code of administrative offences.

Draft on compulsory registration of dogs, I plan to introduce in the state Duma in September.