Law enforcement officers on Saturday seized several knives and an axe from participants uncoordinated action in support of the arrested former head of the Khabarovsk Krai Sergey Furgala, which was held in Khabarovsk on Saturday. This was reported by the acting Governor of the region Mikhail Degtyarev live in Instagram.

"I ask everyone to protect each other. On Saturday for the shares of unauthorized law enforcement officers seized several pieces of knives and even an axe. Can you imagine? Why the man came with an axe on unauthorized action? Let’s stay home, do my own thing, to help relatives and friends, and cherish each other", – said Degtyarev.

He also urged residents of the Khabarovsk territory to keep your distance and wear personal protective equipment.

"I respect those people who come to the rally in support of Sergei Ivanovich Furgala. It’s completely normal to have an opinion, to protect my fellow party member. But still the best he will help, if everyone will work in its place, and I like the acting Governor to continue the good works that he has outlined, and what I do", – said Degtyarev.

In the Khabarovsk region of uncoordinated action in support of Furgala held on July 11. They began after the detention and arrest of the Governor, who, according to investigators involved in the killings of businessmen and the attempted murder committed by an organized criminal group in 2004-2005 in the Khabarovsk territory and Amur region.

In the region complicate the situation with the spread of the coronavirus that, according to the CPS, is associated with increased activity of the population: people do not respect a mask mode, ignore the ban on Assembly. In Khabarovsk region, according to Monday 7 091 identified case of infection with the novel coronavirus. During the pandemic 4 246 recovered, 53 patients died due to severe pneumonia and related diseases.