In the case of infection with SARS-CoV-2 to call the ambulance should be a last resort. About it in interview the Agency “Rosbalt” was told by the Director and head of private ambulance in Saint-Petersburg Lev Averbakh.

“If you have no comorbidities and you are younger than 65 years, should not seek to call an ambulance”, — he said in conversation with the publication.

According to Averbuch, the main reason for calling the medical team should take the emergence of symptoms such as difficulty breathing and shortness of breath. In this case, the patient was taken to the hospital and will make a computer tomography (CT). If it turns out that the lungs are affected less than 20%, it will be possible to continue treatment at home. However, the doctor should properly assess the totality of symptoms of the disease and the patient’s condition, before you go home.

Auerbach said that in the hospital of home care provided in the form of oxygen therapy, as to date there are no effective drugs for the treatment of coronavirus infection of the new type. If oxygen support is not required, it is better to be treated outside medical institutions.

the Doctor said to undergo treatment at home is safer than in the hospital. He recalled that more than 80% of patients find the COVID-19 mild and without complications.

Treatment for coronavirus should be the same as in acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI): consume more liquids, monitor the food, airing the room, do wet cleaning, try to move less and not to burden the body to exercise.

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