Kindergartners trapped in the drawn squares, the war on gay clubs, ban on shortness of breath in the gym and hats with nudesemi for navigation of the visitors cafe. The whole world in the period of the pandemic learning to live a new life, but podkarantinnoy restrictions increasingly resembles a caricature. People from different countries told us about the most unusual and curious the requirements.

Kids in a cage

the Social network around the world circled pictures of French kindergartens, where kids sit in the yard in squares drawn with chalk on the pavement.

– All it is, – says Maria, a student at a French University, I always go to one store past the school and watch the teachers try to keep children in these makeshift cells. Kids are constantly trying to break restrictions, and two educators in masks are worn between them and trying to swing guys to the square, did not get out. After the lifting of restrictions in the kindergartens gave children no more than 20% of the parents, so kids and not so difficult to keep at a distance from each other.

go To the toilet at home

– After the opening of salons signed up to the master, and then I read the rules and thought, – says Elena, who lives in Belgium. – For me, beauty – is, above all, atmosphere, good time. And then: the mask is not removed, extraneous conversations not to breed. If the previous customer do not dostigli, you need to wait outside, no couch, no coffee with the magazine. And the requirement to go to the toilet at home I just finished off, decided that it can live without haircuts.

In the Belgian prison is better than school

Another resident of Belgium who is raising a child student was struck by strict security measures in schools because of the coronavirus: “Very sorry for the little first graders, 6-7 years. It is not clear how they will cope with all these crazy rules. All the floors are lined arrows in one door only to enter into another – just out. Shared books and toys are prohibited, all sofas corners from rest was removed. Classes are divided into two parts, they learn in different areas. Really, in the Belgian prison now, in my opinion, more comfortable than in school.

At the gym – no exercise

In Saxony the authorities put almost impossible demands on the work of the sports rehabilitation centers, scheduled to open June 1.

“Rules are just space. A ban on the use of the locker room and shower facilities, and the need to regularly disinfect the room and equipment – it’s flowers. But the bomb is a ban on exercise, which can lead to an increase or deepening of the breath of the trainees, as they increase the risk of infection. GPS��OS, what exercises to do with this result? We are now in sports centers gymnastics for eyes to do something,” says a resident of Germany.

don’t eat, so swim

In the German city of Schwerin, one of the owners own cafe decided rather extravagant way to approach the monitoring of compliance by visitors of the race. All guests are supposed to sit at the tables in hats, which are on three sides attached noodly for Aqua aerobics and teaching children to swim. Surprisingly, from those who want to experience this attraction for yourself, do not rebound.

Gay clubs – a hotbed of the virus?

In Seoul, a mass infestation of residents representative of the LGBT community during the weakening of quarantine measures almost led to a political scandal. In Itaewon, is extremely popular with tourists and foreigners who work in Korea, after the easing of restrictions there was a new outbreak of coronavirus. It turned out that the local italso night partying at the local clubs, and then came down with the coronavirus. The result has infected about 100 people, and one of the local officials in anger proposed to close all gay clubs in the country as a hotbed of coronavirus infection. This proposal, of course, is not a joke angered the liberal part of society and led to a major scandal.