In Russia have invented a nasal vaccination against coronavirus. A vaccine against COVID-19, which can drip into the nose, developed the state scientific center of Virology “Vector”. This broadcast channel “Russia 1” said the General Director of the centre of Rinat Maksyutov.

“One of our products it is not according to the classical scheme the introduction of intramuscularly and the scheme of introduction internatilnal. That is, in fact, he’s just buried in the nose” – said the native.

Russia has offered the who eight possible vaccines against coronavirus

According to him, has already started preclinical research of vaccines for efficacy and safety.

According to the operational headquarters on 30 may in Russia held more than 10 million tests identified 396 575 patients. Since the beginning of the pandemic recovered 167469 patients recorded 4555 deaths. In recent days, the daily increase in patients with COVID-19 does not rise above 9 thousand.

Earlier, the “Rambler” reported that scientists announced when the patient with COVID-19 ceases to be contagious.