Star family Prigogine Valeria is now in the focus of particular attention of the public due to the unfortunate remarks of Joseph Prigogine about the impoverishment of the stars of show business.

Valeria spoke in defense of a spouse, but on the mood of Internet users is not particularly affected.

Probably, therefore the singer on YouTube show the Comment Out, where she talked with colleague Anita Tsoy, called the Russian audience “moronic”.

Choi invited Valerie to participate in the challenge, say organizers of the pre-harvested phrase.

However, Prigogine wife said it was kind of stupid, and she doesn’t like.

“I understand that, I guess, maybe need to do what audience this was moronic”, – quotes the words of the artist Т

A little later Valeria tried to justify himself before the public, adding that meant a certain category of people, and your audience – smart and intelligent – she loves and respects.

However, the subscribers were not so gullible.

“Yes, compatibility is no different from you and me revenue, do not blame me. That manifested to the people the love, once criticized”.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the singer Valery decided to support her husband in conflict with Sergei Shnurov.

The actress even said that many of her colleagues think the same way as Joseph Prigogine — show business needs the support of the state.

Publish from VALERIYA (@valeriya) 28 May 2020 3:33 PDT