the Russian coworking office space, where everyone can rent a working place, — moving from business centers and multifunctional complexes in an apartment building. To such conclusion analysts of the Level Group, after analyzing the infrastructure of the 386 buildings in Moscow and future plans of the developers (the study is in the possession “of the”).

coworking Market in Moscow shows yearly growth of supply by 50-60 percent, analysts estimated. The next step of evolution of this kind of offices could be the conquest of the houses: now in 19 Metropolitan apartment complexes already presented or planned co-working spaces and apartment projects are prepared to a boom flexible offices. By 2025, 3-5 percent of residential complexes will be composed of coworking promise in the Level Group.

“Remote work is the norm, and many are already familiar with the format of co-working spaces, able to evaluate the advantages and want to have such service not in the city centre, and next door to his apartment,” conclude the experts. While of 386 analyzed residential projects, the vast majority — 359 — have the flexible office infrastructure. In 27 complexes, i.e. 6.9% of the objects, provided certain formats of coworking.

Earlier in June, it became known that the majority of Muscovites (79 percent) are willing to work remotely and after a pandemic coronavirus. 73 per cent of citizens fully or partially started to work remotely with the beginning of the pandemic, 20 percent are periodically or permanently worked in the office and to the situation COVID c-19.