the oncologist and surgeon Ivan Karasev told about the peculiarities of the ring-cell gastric cancer that in 55% of cases detected at the stage of total destruction of the stomach. That is, when the likelihood of cure is extremely low.

Malignant tumor quite rapidly forms metastases. While it is not often metastasizes to the lymph nodes and tissue around the stomach, omentum, spreads over the peritoneum, in women gives metastasi in the ovaries (up to 13% of the total).

the Tumor is characterized by the fact that its cells actively produce mucus, which accumulates and pushes the cell nucleus to the edge.

It sliseobrazutee – the main characteristic feature of aggressive cancers of the gastrointestinal tract. Hence the difficulty in diagnosis.

– Because the mucosa is not damaged and no characteristic changes, cancer is very difficult to detect in the early stages when no endoscopic or x-ray studies. And until then, until the ulcer or tumor will not grow to large sizes, does not change and well-being of the patient, – said the oncologist.