The most irritating qualities in colleagues the Russians called hypocrisy and intrigue. It turned out the study in the service of recruitment

In the first place of the list of the worst qualities of colleagues proved to be hypocrisy and deceit — it was chosen by 40 percent of respondents. Second place went to gossip and intrigue — 34 percent of Russians called these factors.

Third place went to the disrespect to others work — 33 percent of respondents chose this answer. 32 percent of Russians have identified lack of professionalism, the top five irresponsibility, cited by 23 percent of respondents.

Less annoying for the participants of the study were the conflict (20 per cent), laziness (15%), the narrowness of Outlook (13%), punctuality (9%), bad manners (7%) and bad habits (5 percent).

And only 3 percent of Russians noted that they have to work a great team without flaws, reports RIA Novosti.

The survey involved more than 4.2 thousands of users from all Russian regions.