As Prince Charles is still “healthy as a mountain goat” in his 70 years. As told by his wife Camilla, the Duchess Chornoliska, it was “the most adaptable to the age of persons from all her friends.”

Earlier the Prince of Wales joked that to keep your weight in check for him – “endless battle”. So he complained to her dressmaker Emma Willis and admitted that in the past six years, he was “difficult” to maintain the size of the shirt. For it is truly quite an achievement, as men above a certain age, gain weight in the stomach area.

The Duchess Chornoliska in the show Emma Barnett on BBC radio told how he did it.

“I think he’s the most adaptable person at my age that I know. He will walk, walk and walk. He’s like a mountain goat, leaving everyone behind on a lot of miles,” shared Camille about the passion of Charles Hiking – Nordic walking in the fresh air.

According to her, the Prince performs a 12-minute charge Royal canadian air force twice a day, which is said to have made his father, the Duke of Edinburgh, and sons, princes William and Harry. This set of exercises was developed by Dr. bill On in the late 1950-ies and is known as the plan 5BX (five basic exercises) that includes stretching, sit-UPS, back stretching, push-UPS and running in place.

Some experts doubt that the physical form of the Prince could help him to quickly recover from coronavirus. After recovery he said “lightly”, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who’s 15 years younger than the Prince, and about the same time ill COVID, was convinced that the reason he was in intensive care, was concealed in his excess weight. A study conducted by Glasgow University has linked obesity with a higher chance of seriously suffering from coronavirus.

The constant physical training of Prince Charles, when he was already over 70, is a good example of how to slow the aging process, says Stuart Roberts, author of the book Get Strong, Get Fit, Get Happy: A Life Manual for 40+ (“Become stronger, leaner and happier: a manual for life 40+”).

“I think one of the main concerns people have when they think of fitness at any age after 50 years something impossible. This is a major mental block. People tend to think that reaching a certain age, they just can’t seem to do anything. Unfortunately, if you think so, your body tends to follow your beliefs,” explained Roberts the Telegraph.

He added that in the nursing home studies were conducted on people under the age of 70-80 years, which had become very weak. The researchers gave subjects a very light weight and I asked them to do the exercises very slowly, repeating about six times.

After about six weeks these l��di increased their endurance by 23%, performing these simple exercises.

One of the main causes of weight gain in middle age is slowing metabolism. This is called sarcopenia – muscle wasting, which happens to all of us from about 30 years. If you do not exercise, such as weight training or exercises using your own weight, pushups and sit-UPS, on average, will lose 3-8% of muscle mass every decade. This means that you will need fewer calories to maintain vital functions of the body.

A study conducted by the American College of sports medicine showed that adding only 2-4 pounds (1 to 1.6 kg) of muscle to your body through exercise, you can burn 100 additional calories a day even at rest.

Roberts also recommends exercise like walking, swimming, Cycling and gardening (Prince Charles, by the way, a passionate gardener; last month, he said that the relationship between garden and health “has never been more relevant” than during the pandemic) to improve aerobic endurance, because it exercises with minimal impact and should not cause too much pain in the joints.

Another great exercise for older workers called the dances, as they gently and pleasantly affecting a lot of body systems, including cardio, and strength, and exercises for coordination, balance, agility, which, as a rule, lacking in the elderly.

Earlier, British scientists have established a link between thisactivity and longevity in the elderly. A quick daily walk or Cycling can reduce the risk of premature death among people older than 65 years by almost half.

And Prince Charles, according to the writer Nigel Cawthorne, had a presentiment of evil, as soon as Meghan Markle entered the Royal family.