On the day of vaccination against coronavirus is forbidden to consume alcohol. About the Agency RIA Novosti said the chief non-staff specialist-psychiatrist Ministry of health Yevgeny Bryun.

He indicated that any medicine, including vaccines that are not compatible with alcohol. According to him, alcoholic beverages, in addition to the toxic effect capable of reducing the effect of the vaccine, and also negatively affect the immune system.

On the morning of 11 August, President Vladimir Putin announced the registration of the first Russian vaccine against the coronavirus. The vaccine will be available for citizens from January 2021. Contraindications for its application are under 18 years, pregnancy and hypersensitivity to vaccines, severe allergies, acute infectious and non-communicable diseases. In addition, on the day of vaccination with the drug, the body temperature should not exceed 37 degrees.

According to the Russian leader, the vaccination will be carried out on a voluntary basis. Pharmaceutical companies were urged to postpone the registration of the vaccine, since its quality is still unknown.