Belarusian musician Sergei Mikhalok, best known as the leader disbanded the group “Liapis Trubetskoy”, became the object of criticism from their fans. According to them, the last three days, during which time there are protests in his homeland, the singer did not seem to notice them posting in Instagram “posts about nothing”.

Mikhalok in 2014 in the midst of the events on the Maidan in Kiev released the hit “Warriors of light”, which became almost an anthem of the opposition. Now the musician has disabled comments in his account in Instagram. Fans write Mikhalok under the old posts and videos on the YouTube channel.

Many are outraged by the position of the 48-year-old musician: “Hey! “Warrior of light”! Where are you hiding? Your country is burning. As never before we need your songs”, “Serezha, are you blind and deaf?”, “Blown Away By Michael. And I believed in you! Not one word about the Motherland!”, “Revolutionary sucks”, “Now begins the muddles in your home country — you are silent… What is wrong with you?” “Was at your concert Brutto in 2015 in Kiev very memorable atmosphere by the song “Warriors of light”, believe that you will not remain indifferent…”, “You can’t leave aside. Because you are born to lead and inspire”, “Michael, you all need!”

Earlier reported that the Belarusian singer Max Korzh edited the post in Instagram, which urges the protesters to abandon the stock in Belarus. He noted that meant only one day. Prior to that, the cake turned to his compatriots, Belarusians participating in demonstrations calling to demand “from their leaders other solutions” and to stop protest activity. He stated that further actions of the protesters will not “work plus.”