The Russian Embassy in Ankara issued a clarification with the Turkish authorities on the rules of stay of foreign tourists in Turkey in terms of the spread of coronavirus.

Russia 1 August resumed the pandemic coronavirus flights abroad – Turkish in Ankara and Istanbul, as well as in the UK. In addition, were allowed flights to Tanzania, but so far no such flights. From August 10, resumed flights to the Turkish resorts of Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman.

"In case of tourist temperature above 37.8 degree for entry to Turkey the person will be free to make the test for coronavirus infection. In case of positive result, the tourist will be taken to the hospital for examination, the results of which the doctor decides on the need of hospitalization. In the absence of such necessary, the camper will be sent with family members at the hotel where your booking is made", – said the Embassy.

It is noted that the circular of the Ministry of culture and tourism of Turkey requires hotels to provide accommodation in its territory of foreign tourists who are diagnosed COVID-19, with no need of hospitalization under the terms and conditions outlined in the booking contract.

"Foreign tourist who diagnosed COVID-19, and members of the family (or accompanying persons staying in the same room), sign a commitment to stay in the isolation room and not to go beyond it. Tourist meals, housekeeping in the terms and conditions outlined in the booking contract. Room visit in Observatory not provided", – stated in the message.

If the insulation exceeds the time designated in the booking contract, the terms of the stay, costs for additional days (not exceeding 15) the stay of the patient and his family members are covered by the hotel as part of a specially designed for hotels insurance, said the Russian diplomatic mission. This applies to hotels with more than 50 rooms, certified health tourism. The tourist is offered to clarify whether the acquired hotel this insurance.

"In the case of diagnosis COVID-19 foreign tourists at the airport identified contact person. With them the connection they are informed that their insulation is ensured by their location. If necessary, they are made the tests with a positive result, they are sent to a quarantine or hospitalityat depending on the decisions of physicians. Located in close proximity to infected COVID-19, but wore the mask of tourists in contact are not considered", – stated in the message.

If you have a certificate of negative test result COVID-19 or help on cash��and antibodies to the new coronavirus infection with detection of increased temperature by the tourist at the airport still free is test COVID-19, announced the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

"In the case of the establishment of deliberate guidance tourists false information when filling out the questionnaire on the plane should be held accountable. In filling up forms, you must specify the correct data", – stated in the message.

It is noted that the wearing of masks is mandatory throughout the territory of Turkey in the markets, in shops, public transport. In many cities (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Mugla, and some areas of Antalya) need to wear a mask and in open public places. Should observe the social distance of 1.5 meters. For violation of these rules the fines are issued.

"In Turkey, you can make an analysis of the COVID-19 in hospitals, and in airports and certified healthy tourism hotels. The cost of services in the hospital for 15 EUR, in the hotel, the airport – 30 euros. Given the large loading of laboratories at airports, the Turkish authorities are recommended to use the services of hotels", – said the Russian diplomatic mission.

Relevant data on the situation of COVID-19 in Russia and the world presented on the portal stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.