A missile prepared to be shipped to the launch site to conduct further flight tests.

A new heavy booster “Angara-A5” prepare to continue flight testing. Last check on the control-test station of the Khrunichev Centre "Hangar" prepared to be sent to the Northern spaceport "Plesetsk", where there should be another test run.

"Immersed in a special wagon universal rocket modules heavy launch "Angara-A5" waiting for the decision of the state Commission to send to the Northern cosmodrome. The missile successfully passed verification in the Control-test station of the Khrunichev Centre and is ready to resume space flight tests. "Angara" the night has left the territory of a rocket plant. Now waiting for her at the spaceport for the preparation of the flight test", — said Russian state Corporation on the official Twitter page.

In parallel with work on tests "Angara" the construction of the launch pad for a new Russian rocket at the Baikonur "East". Dimensional design launch heavy missiles, "Angara-A5" was taken North by sea to the Soviet far Eastern Harbor, where they were reloaded onto a barge for delivery on the Amur and the Zeya to the spaceport.

It is expected that the production of missiles “Angara” will start in 2023 and 2024, they have to completely replace the rocket “proton”. Recall, light booster is designed to launch cargo into low sun-synchronous orbit. Heavy “Angara” will be output loads on geoparent and geostationary orbit. At the cosmodrome “East” at the end of 2022 will begin construction of the launch complex for the new Russian heavy rocket “Angara”, and the first launch from the complex will take place according to the plans 6 years after completion in 2028.