To call an ambulance in case of infection with coronavirus should only in extreme case. This opinion was expressed by head and Director of a private ambulance in Saint-Petersburg Lev Averbakh.

According to Averbakh, hospitals now have turned into “breeding grounds” of the epidemic, therefore, in the absence of comorbidities and age 65 to contract the coronavirus better at home.

“the recommendations of the standard, as with SARS: more drinking, good nutrition, ventilation, wet cleaning, reduced physical activity at the temperature,” said doctor in an interview to “Rosbalt”.

According to him, an indication for a medical emergency is difficulty breathing in the indoor environment.

“If you don’t have enough air, I want to open my fly, I was short of breath — an ambulance”, he said.

In the hospital the patient should undergo CT scan. If the percentage of lung lesions is less than 20%, the patient can go to a group home. But before that, the doctor needs to evaluate the clinical picture and the patient’s condition.

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Auerbach noted that the main treatment in hospitals is oxygen support, the effectiveness of drug treatment is still not proven. Therefore, if the patient can do without oxygen support, he can be treated at home.

As reported by “the Rambler”, in Russia by 22 may identified 326 448 cases of coronavirus, the day the number of infected grew by 8 894 people. For the entire period recorded 3249 deaths, recovered 99 825 people.