Director Nikita Mikhalkov Mat responded to the criticism of the owner of the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” Pavel Gusev, who called the stupid issue of its author’s program “Besogon TV” about the plans of Microsoft founder bill gates chipped people.

“Pash, you *** (stunned — approx. “Of the”) or what? Are you crazy?”, — outraged Mikhalkov in the new edition of the program posted on YouTube.

The Director also lamented the statement Guseva, that all such transfers as “Besogon TV”, designed for “bydlyak”. According to Mikhalkov, among his viewers there are probably people who do not have status, wealth, education, or connections level Gusev, however, said that some members of his audience were very surprised to learn that they were called “biddlecom”.

In addition, Mikhalkov Gusev reminded that their connected by old acquaintance. “That’s how? Member of the Council on human rights under the President, my neighbor, the hunter, our children in one school studied, Pasha… a Noble man, a man of letters, with whom they drank vodka together, hunting jokes laughed. How can he complain that the prosecution has not introduced any sanctions against your neighbor for the words he never said in the show he has not seen?”, — summed up the Director called saying Guseva “denunciation of a neighbor.”

In early may, Mikhalkov on air of the program “Besogon TV” suspected billionaire and philanthropist bill gates wanting to microchip all people in the world. The TV channel “Russia 24” showed replays of the issue under the title “one in the pocket of the United States?” what Mikhalkov subsequently complained of censorship. Later, the leadership of “Russia 24” said that it plans to abandon the “Besogon TV”. However Mikhalkov has announced that the new issue of his transfer will be released only on YouTube.