A passenger who was previously removed for debauchery on the Moscow–Antalya flight, in an interview with REN TV, shared her version of what happened.

She said that the incident was the fault of the flight attendant, who “tried to morally humiliate her” by asking her to wear a mask.

“So I put it on. From that moment on, I was wearing a mask. The plane, as usual, was preparing for departure, and then on the speakerphone: now our plane is delayed because security was called, because we have an inadequate passenger on board, ” the passenger said.

She added that after that, the police approached her.

Now the woman is going to sue the flight attendant and the airline. In her opinion, they are the culprits of the incident.

The Muscovite was removed from the flight to Turkey to the applause of passengers

Earlier it became known that an administrative protocol was drawn up for this aggressive passenger.

As reported, in Moscow, a woman staged a brawl on a flight that was supposed to fly to Antalya, Turkey. The reason for the conflict was allegedly a request to wear a mask.

As a result, due to the behavior of the passenger, the departure to the resort was delayed. About 400 people were waiting for departure from the Russian capital.