As the speaker said, during the work on solving these problems, the deputies faced serious resistance, but were able to overcome it. “Ultimately, thanks to the support of society, the principles of humanity in the treatment of animals prevailed,” the parliamentarian believes.

The main thing is that the legislation now stipulates that an animal is not a “thing”, but a” living being ” that is capable of suffering. “Now you can’t just get rid of it – the owner is obliged to transfer it to a new owner or to a shelter,” Volodin recalled.

Other measures include a ban on propaganda of cruelty to animals, as well as a taboo on wild animals in apartments and private homes. Contact zoos in shopping centers were also banned, and circuses and other zoos were required to obtain licenses. And now debtors will not be able to take away pets on account of paying the debt. In addition, the legislation provides for punishment for skinners. Serious punishment (up to five years in prison) was also threatened for demonstrating violence against our younger brothers on the Internet. There were also rules for the operation of shelters and the treatment of homeless animals.

As for stray animals, Volodin dwelled on this topic separately. He believes that only real things will help to remove packs of stray dogs from the streets – the construction of shelters and the promotion of responsible attitude to animals.