the situation when the patients had unsuccessfully been trying to cope with debilitating symptoms that are quite common.

This often happens when a person suffers from the syndrome of the pyre, which in many cases explains the constant stomach pains and problems with a chair, but unaware of it, said the doctor-the proctologist and oncologist Elena Smirnova.

– Low caution many doctors to this syndrome leads to the fact that patients long going in circles and unsuccessfully treated for other diagnoses. Payr syndrome is a congenital feature that is manifested by narrowing of the colon in the region of the splenic angle, – the doctor noted.

Among the symptoms of the disease: constipation, cramping pain in the left hypochondrium, a feeling of early satiety, reflex nausea, sometimes vomiting, heaviness and abdominal pain.

have a syndrome characteristic symptom during physical exertion or after a heavy meal the pain is worse. And decreases when making a horizontal position.

the Main method of diagnosis of the disease – the radiopaque irrigoradiography.