a Resident of the American city of Graham, North Carolina, broke the lottery million jackpot thanks to the campaign for the products. It is reported by news portal UPI.

Stephen Howell (Stephen Howell) said that he looked at the local grocery store to buy the family drinks and snacks. At the same time he bought a ten dollar (about 727 rubles) of instant lottery tickets. On returning home the man checked his tickets and discovered that thanks to one of them — Red Hot Millions, he suddenly became a millionaire.

the winning Amount was a million dollars (72.7 million rubles). Howell recalls how immediately ran into the next room to share the good news with her mother. “I handed her the ticket, — says the winner. And she cried: “You won a million dollars!””

Howell has been celebrated with family winning the lottery. On the won money it is planning, among other things, to buy myself a new car.

Earlier it was reported that an American resident of Virginia Jeff melick (Melick Jeff) hit the jackpot in the lottery, while waiting for the previous cash win. He plans to spend part of the funds to help the needy.