the Question of tuition fees in universities one of the most urgent that you have to look for the answer in the transition to distance education. Most of the questions those guys who enters into a contract to full-time training.

– We understand what the situation in connection with the coronavirus were the students who self-pay study at the University, – said Valery Falkov. We also understand how hard teachers and schools have had in connection with the urgent need to translate learning remote formats to protect people from coronavirus infection. The transition to online is and additional investments in the infrastructure of universities and repackaging educational content, which was created for teaching in other settings. Each participant of the educational process in new conditions we need are super.

According to the Minister, the Agency reviewed the submitted proposals for adjustment of cost of education and encourages universities to set prices for the next academic year is not higher than in 2019.

– We consider this as the most rational solution to protect the interests of all stakeholders of the educational process, – said the Minister. – It should be noted that distance learning is not the analogue of the correspondence. One of the requirements of the Ministry to the universities now is to maintain the quality of education primarily depends on teachers, labor which takes up a large part of the funds of the universities. In connection with a temporary transition to distance learning burden on teachers has increased significantly, primarily due to the increase of time of individual work with students and further consultation.

the Decision to maintain prices at a level of 2019 – part of a package of socio-economic support of higher education. This will take into account the interests of students, teachers and universities. By the way, under the same package is already running employment program for students at institutions of higher education.

the Ministry of education expect that the exam will start no later than 1 September.

On Thursday said Deputy Minister of science and higher education Dmitry Afanasiev.

– exam should begin no later than 1 September, so we were able to complete all admission procedures and admission and not much delayed start of the school year, – said Afanasiev. In this case, the enrollment will be in September. Training should start in the end of September, not later.

the Deputy Minister said that the Ministry of education focused on service and reserve dates for the exam. Considering several options – from June to August. The final decision will be made soon.

– the Timing is entirely dependent on the situation of coronavirus, and there is no Agency cannot dictacce, – said the Deputy Minister. But in any case universities will accept applicants about the results of the exam. No options with the competition certificates and their average score can be no higher education system is not ready. In addition, the exam gives students a choice of several universities and several disciplines.