Six red wolf pups were born at the Novosibirsk zoo R. A. awl. As reports TASS, citing a senior researcher of the institution Tatiana Pevneva, these animals have appeared in the pages of the collection of Rudyard Kipling’s “the jungle Book” as the red dogs.

In the famous book gang of wild dogs appeared a bloodthirsty bunch, but in reality puppies red wolves look cute. This species belongs to the rare in nature they have less than than snow leopards, about 2.5 thousand. Red wolves mostly live in the mountains and forests of Central and South Asia, on the Islands of Sumatra and Java.

Previously, they lived in Russia, in Eastern Siberia and the Far East. However, in recent times in our country this animal was seen only in 1972 on the territory of Primorsky region.

– In the Novosibirsk zoo in a group of red wolves, one of the females gave birth to six cubs,” – said pevneva. Now in the education of kids who are already a little older, involved the whole flock. First time with them all the time were the mother and father, – said Tatiana pevneva.

In the wild they live in flocks of up to 12 individuals, preying mostly on medium size ungulates, rodents, birds. Biologists at Novosibirsk zoo say a high degree of emotionality of these animals, even susceptibility to stress. The members of the family group of red wolves constantly communicate among themselves, emitting a variety of sounds.