the President of the Russian athletics Federation Evgeny Yurchenko announced that he is leaving his post. This is the website of wfla.

Yevgeny Yurchenko was elected to the post in February this year. However, despite the change of leadership, the Russian athletics were unable to get out of the crisis that has been ongoing for several years. Wfla did not achieve recovery in the international Federation, and the Russian athletes still cannot perform at major tournaments under the flag of their country.

“Today I announce my resignation from the post of President of the Russian athletics Federation, thus starting the process of re-elections of a management of club”, – quotes the website words Yurchenko.

“I would Like to thank all not indifferent to destiny of the Russian athletics professionals with whom I worked during this short but very challenging period. I would especially like to acknowledge the work of members of the Presidium and the Board of athletes Federation which faced very serious difficulties of the protracted crisis,” he added.