– Now considered different scenarios for the exam depending on the epidemiological situation, – told “RG” in the Department. – Including the option to postpone exams in August. To conduct the exam only for those who are going to enroll in universities. And certificates to issue based on the annual marks.

the same proposal was made by the universities – participants of the Association “Global universities”. Among them – MIPT, HSE, nust “MISIS”, national research nuclear University MEPhI, PFUR, sechenovskiy University, SPbSPU, Ural Federal University, FEFU, ITMO and others.

In a statement, the Association also notes that the receipt of certificates on the basis of school assessments, will allow to refuse the examination in basic mathematics. So, to further reduce risks. After all, those guys who need mathematics to study at University, choose the relevant examination, not basic. But just to cancel the exam according to the “Global University”, it is impossible. It is important to leave for University.

After the abolition of the exam and its replacement by a “vague, strange and incomprehensible to people the rules of admission to universities” now will lead to far greater injustice.

“Admission to universities on the basis of school grades, it is impossible in principle, – said in a statement issued on Friday, the Association “Global universities”. School, unlike stoballnoy scale exam, in fact, works with a three-point rating scale – 3, 4 and 5. In case of cancellation of the Single this summer in the universities can come to students, and about half of them have the same maximum total score – 15 out of 15. It would undermine the objective basis of selection of applicants for admission”.

the dangers of mass: today, most universities have lost the technique of carrying out their own examinations.

“There is a risk that parents will immediately begin to search for Tutors or rather people who are “close” to the selected universities. Obviously, in this case, it would dramatically increase the level of public distrust in so important for all areas as University admissions,” warning the universities.

That still offer the leading universities of Russia? Acceptance of documents, the tender procedure and enrollment to hold from August 15 to September 1 in a fully remote mode. In the same period, universities have retained their own entrance tests and to conduct them online. To enroll to the paid places, until October 1, inclusive. While universities are encouraged to give the right to set the start date of training for the first course.

the Ministry of science and higher education announced that universities ready to enroll applicants in the shortest possible time the results of the exam and to start the school year on 1 September. Also willing to accept the documents for admission online.

by the Way, the government introduced a bill with a package of urgent measures to prevent POS��of edstavy the spread of a new coronavirus infection. Among them are two very important “educational”. First, if the bill is passed, the intermediate assessment results can be counted “as results of the state final certification of students completing the development programmes of basic General and secondary General education, and Foundation for issuing of certificates”. That is, if you really just get qualified for the ninth and eleventh grades and graduate from high school will be without OGE and EGE – on the basis of annual school assessments. This decision can be taken by the government.

second, the government has the right to establish the procedure and criteria for the allocation of additional figures of reception for training under programs “of vocational and higher education at the expense of budgetary appropriations of the Federal budget.”

What does that mean? Recall: enrollment for the 2020-2021 year were approved in the spring of 2019. Now they will be more?

– Indeed, for the academic year 2020/21 would be further distributed due to Federal budget 11 thousand seats in the most popular regions in the areas of training of higher education, – says Deputy Minister of science and higher education Dimitry. – Primarily this applies to educational, medical and it fields.

And here’s the news: Ministry of education, together with CPS has developed requirements for the organization of the exam and the OGE: the planned introduction of a zig-zag Seating arrangement in the exam, thermometry, treatment of hands and disinfection of the premises.

Efim Rachevsky, the Director of the school № 548 “Tsaritsyno”:

– to Issue certificates without exam you can, but they, of course, will not pass to the universities. To colleges and technical schools Yes. And it’s not bad. In General discussions about cancellation of the exam or its radical modification of today have no sense and completely irrelevant. A situation in which we find ourselves, is not eternal. Imagine for a moment that because of those threats that appeared today, we will cancel construction of roads, houses, banking, cancel all all global processes… It’s called “surrender”. I hot the enemy is defeatism, including on the exam.

the Procedure is a Single transparent and understandable to all, exam preparation began long before the detection of the first case of coronavirus in Russia. Any decision regarding the exam should be consolidated and not departmental. Though, because we have the law on universal military duty. Youth who are not enrolled in the students before the start of the call, will not get to the University, its postponement will burn. Ministry of education should, together with the Ministry of defense to prepare a response to these questions.

an Hour to put on the suit and go through the whole Santreatment. Then eight or twelve hours shifts. And again an hour to undress and disinfect himself and his clothes… At this rate, the work is not only doctors in hospitals with the coronavirus, but the medical students of the regional universities who have chosen practice in hospitals with COVID.

– From today the students of the 4 th and 5 th courses of Medical school Baltic Federal University. Kant go to the practice in medical institutions of the Kaliningrad region, told “RG” the rector of BFU them. Kant’s Alexander Fedorov. – From 1 to may 10 the guys who decided to practice in the hospitals working with the coronavirus took special theoretical course and received certificates. – We have about a third. With them certainly is the employment contract. They will get paid.

Marina Pavlova, student 5-th year Medical school of the BFU them. Kant – ward, the nurse in the therapeutic Department of the City clinical hospital of ambulance. The Department redeveloped to combat coronavirus.

– We are constantly in direct contact with patients, – says Marina. – Know that it is dangerous. Difficult to everyone: patients and doctors, but we can not relax: fear and uncertainty have no place here.

Duty is not clear from the study: after the shift at the Marina, as well as other students – remote pairs.

Nine residents of the Baltic University, including foreigners, working as a trainee in the Infectious diseases hospital in the region and the Central city clinical hospital (CCCH). Are patients with confirmed COVID infection.

– I Have experience in Italy and Germany. But the one I get now, of course, is unique, said Targeted Mohammed Ahmad, a resident of the area “surgery”, who is from Germany. Is a serious professional growth. I’m not afraid, because we are provided with all necessary means of protection. But patients sometimes there is a misunderstanding: some people don’t want to believe in the disease or not willing to follow all doctors ‘ recommendations.

Work residents physicians counted them as industrial practice.


Sergey Bagnenko, rector of the First St. Petersburg state medical University named after Pavlov, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences:

– I Want to emphasize the work of undergraduates in medical institutions today is not social work. This is normal operation with appropriate safeguards and obligations. And students are employed at it only after passing the relevant examination on the nurse controller sanitizer or sanitation sanitizer.

To our University clinic attached about 23 thousand residents of St. Petersburg. We also have a clinic with 250 beds, where 100 beds – ICU. In this clinic, ��orientirovannoi now for treatment of patients with Kovalam nearly ten students. Of course, they all accepted there only on a voluntary agreement.

There are students who support the outpatient sections.

as for fears that students who have not passed the practice in the offices with the coronavirus will not receive graduation diplomas, it is complete nonsense. This will not happen. Again: work on the front line – a personal choice.

Prepared Saint Petersburg