in March, the Kuban General hospital began to convert to the closed anti-plague hospitals for the treatment of patients with COVID-19. Now these hospitals 20. One of them in early April, opened in the Krasnoarmeisky district. And his head was 39-year-old Dr. Alexey Konovalov. And for almost three months he leaves the hospital.

“the First time in difficult situations, all hope was on the ventilator, says the doctor. Now there are other techniques literally from the dead to pull people. I have seen a few of these wonderful cases.”

However, the miracle physicians have created themselves, harassing the virus is exhausting, hard work. Sorry, managed to save not all. And every death, the head of the hospital was perceived as a personal tragedy. He admitted during a telephone conversation with the correspondent “RG”.

Head of strictly following the safety of their colleagues and be proud that almost none of them became infected. The staff lives in the same housing with their patients. After replacing the rest in the staffroom and nursing. Who has stood a month, who is more and Dr. Konovalov continues to carry on dead man’s watch.

it is Recognized that really misses the family, especially the son-first-grader. “I want to hug Vanushko, but I think it will happen not earlier than in a month,’ says the doctor. – Although patients are now noticeably less. Yesterday closed the third floor – there is no one left. I hope that after the abolition of the Kuban on June 21 quarantine would not be a spike in illnesses”.

on the Eve of the Day of medical worker, the head of the Krasnoarmeyskiy district Yuriy Vasin visited the parents of Alexei Konovalov. And gave them a letter of thanks for the exemplary education of my son, who today gave their lives fighting for the life and health of their countrymen.

precious minutes of your stay Alex answered the questions of “RG”. Get the quick answers. Time for more he’s just not.

Alex, you said kovid is an insidious disease. The hardest thing for a doctor in her treatment? What is her greatest deceit?

Alexey Konovalov: the Evil of this infection is that the patient’s condition may deteriorate quickly.

With your vast experience what would you like to warn my colleagues to pay attention to?

Alexey Konovalov: to Comply with the requirements and recommendations developed by the Ministry of health on the maintenance and treatment of patients with COVID-19.

People leave you completely healthy? Or do they still have to undergo a period of rehabilitation?

Alexey Konovalov: everything. Some still have to go through a period of rehabilitation.

What advice do you give your recovering patients?

Alexey Konovalov: mostly – Provodit annual seasonal prophylaxis of influenza.

When will the vaccine we will all need to be vaccinated? And those who are already ill?

Alexey Konovalov: when the vaccine, and then speak.

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