emergency Doctors in Novosibirsk during the day sometimes do not have time to take a break for lunch, the staff took the bed on which they might rest, in the end, doctors have to sleep on the floor. This TV channel REN TV Friday, may 15, told assistant Central substation ambulance Novosibirsk Sergey Komlev.

“In that moment, when we went sick employees coronavirus infection, the management decided to take away from us, of course, beds. From the moment we put a few couches, and people improvised themselves collected the place where you can at least lie down for these 20-30 minute improvised. Boards, various wood, chipboard,” said Komlev.

the Nurse also told me that sometimes doctors don’t have time to eat during the day. A brigade when returning from the call to the substation are forced to join the first aid kit and to prepare for the new call, and the other the whole day can spend on calls with patients or in the car. The end of the shift at 8 am does not mean that the doctor will be released at this time.

“If the call comes at 07:55 — you’re going and can hang out for another hour, two,” the doctor noted.

Komlev also noted problems with the supply of medical masks. Tools and personal protection of doctors provided by volunteers.

however, many paramedics ambulance live separately from their families, as they fear that may be carriers of the coronavirus, a payment that Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to bring to the doctors many have not received.

in addition, the procedure for calculation of payments to doctors still did not explain, said Komlev.

Earlier that same day, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that payments to physicians must be provided for the fact of working with patients suffering from a coronavirus, but not for hours worked.

may 14 the acting Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Andrei Belousov, signed a decree on incentive payments to physicians working with infected with the coronavirus.

the paramedics for work in April-June will receive an additional 50 thousand rubles a month. Drivers of ambulances, middle and Junior medical staff, and equated military will pay for 25 thousand rubles a month.

Doctors working in hospitals receive allowance in the amount of 80 thousand roubles a month. Nurses, servicemen and persons equated to them have 50 thousand rubles a month.

At the meeting on 11 may, Putin gave instructions to the heads of regions to ensure that all payments to medical staff in April to 15 may. According to him, on may 9 these payments are made only in 56 subjects of the Federation. At the time they received 56 thousand people. This is less than half��s of the set number.

For the past day in Russia registered 10 598 new cases COVID-19. Just today in the country identified 262 843 cases of coronavirus in 85 regions. For the entire period recorded 2418 deaths, recovered 58 226 people.

the mortality rate of patients in Russia with the coronavirus is less than 1%. Almost half of Russians with a positive result for coronavirus have no clinical manifestations of the disease.